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220-2013 Dead and Dying Shellfish:  What to Do?


217-2010 Biology of the Atlantic Jacknife (Razor) Clam (Ensis directus Conrad, 1843)

216-2010 Grow-out Culture of the Bay Scallop

215-2010 Nursery Culture of the Bay Scallop

214-2010 Hatchery Culture of t he Bay Scallop

213-2010 Biology of the Bay Scallop

211-2010 Mussel Aquaculture in the Northeast

210-2010 Cultured Mussels of the Northeast

207-2010 Dead and Dying Shellfish:  What to Do?

206-2010 Cross-Breeding for Improved Growth and Disease Resistance in Eastern Oysters

204-2010 Lipid Enrichment of Eastern Oyster Broodstock Using Commercially Available Emulsions
203-2010 Softshell Clams Culture:  Nursery and Growout Phases through Harvest
202-2010 Softshell Clam Culture:  Hatchery Phase, Broodstock Care through Seed Production
201-2010 Softshell Clam Culture:  Basic Biology and General Culture Considerations


106-2008 Fish Health Inspections:  What They Are

105-2008 Environmental Effects of Shellfish Aquaculture in the Northeast

104-2008 Aquaculture Systems for the Northeast

103-2008 Marine Aquaculture Species for the Northeast

102-2008 Freshwater Aquaculture Species for the Northeast

220-1993 Dead and Dying Shellfish:  What to Do?

200-1993 History and Impact of MSX and Dermo Diseases on Oyster Stocks in the Northeast Region

180-1993 Major Predators of Cultured Shellfish


008-2000  The Effect of UV Irradiation on Perkinsus marinus and its Potential Use to Reduce Transmission via Shellfish Effluents


Waste Management

300-1995 State Policies for Aquaculture Effluents and Solid Wastes in the Northeast Region


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