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Shellfish Reports

2008-Steven Roberts, Marine Biological laboratory $128,486
Development of Genetic Mark Disease Resistance in Eastern Oysters

2010-Ian Bricknell, University of Maine $150,000
Investigations Into the Potential Health and Economic Benefits of Bivalve/Finfish Co-culture

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2010-Edwin and Kathy Rhodes, Rutgers University $211,402
The Development of a Code of Practice and Best Management Practices for East Coast Shellfish Growers
BMP Manual

2013-John Kraeuter and David Bushek, Rutgers University $199,546
Novel Methodologies to Overwinter Cultered Clams in the Northeast US

2009-Paul Rawson, University of Maine $249,431
Cross Breeding and Field Trials of Disease-Resistant Oysters

2011-Erick Swanson, $108,001
Detering Duck Predation with Underwater Sound

2012-Christopher Davis, Maine Aquaculture Innovation Center $199,994

Assessment of Environmental Impacts of Oyster Aquaculture in New England Waters

Shell GIS Talk

Shell GIS Poster

ShellSIM Post

2017-Bassem Allam, Stony Brook University $199,998
Genetic Marker-Assisted Selection of Northeastern Hard Clams for QPX-Resistance

2017-Scott lindell, Marine Biological Laboratory(transferred to Paul Rawson 2016) $198,077
Hatchery and Nursery Technology for Improved Production of Blue Mussels
Paul Rawson Report

2016-Richard Karney, Martha's Vineyard Shellfish Group $9,727.47
There's Gold in Them Thar Mussels; Testing the Feasibility of Golden Mussel Culture for Branding and Market Expansion of Farmed New England Mussels

1998-Bruce Barber, University of Maine School of Marine Sciences $41,049
Genetic Selection of Oysters, Crassostrea virginica, for Growth and Resistance to Juvenile Oyster Disease (JOD)

1999-Bruce Barber, University of Maine $57,366
Use of Molecular Probes for Detection of Bonamia ostreae in Oysters, Ostrea edulis

2013-Ian Bricknell, University of Maine $199,614
Examination of Finfish Pathogen Physiology and Predictive Ecology in a Bivalve/Finfish Integrated Multi-trophic Aquaculture System

2015-Scott Lindell, Marine Biological Laboratory $199,779
Developing Improved Management Practices for Mussel Farming in Southern New England

2017-David Rowley, University of Rhode Island $198,077
New Tools to Prevent Bacterial Diseases in Shellfish Hatcheries

2000-Roxanna Smolowitz, Marine Biological Laboratory $99,954
Investigation into the Occurence, Distribution and Severity of QPX in Feral and Cultured Hard Clams and Development of Management Methods for Infected Leases

2010-Scott Lindell, Marine Biological Laboratory $263,490
Evaluation of Putatively QPX-Resistant Strains  of Northern Hard Clams Using Field and Genetic Studies

2008-Roxanna Smolowitz, Marine Biological Laboratory $154,805
Effect of Temperature on the Infection of Hard Clams (Mercenaria merenaria) by the Protistan Organism Quahog Parasite Unknown

2008-John Kraeuter, Rutgers University $71,173
An Industry Directed Feasibility Study of the Razor Clam (Ensis directus) as a Candidate for Intertidal and Shallow Subtidal Culture in the Northeastern U.S

2013-Paul Rawson, University of Maine $93,616
Optimization of Hatchery and Culture Technology for Razor Clams

2001-Richard French, University of Connecticut
Development and Application of Multiplex PCR for Screening of Shellfish Pathogens

2012-Richard Karney, Martha's Vineyard Shellfish Group $128,197
Creating a Tetraploid Broodstock for the Bay Scallop Argopecten irradins

2012-Paul Bowser, Cornell University $199,263
The Infection Cycle of Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemial Virus

2015-Roxanna Smolowitz, Roger Williams University $187,024
Development of More Efficient Methods of Vibrio sp. Detection and Identification of Virbrio sp. abundance in Cultered Oysters from Northeast U.S. Farms and from Retail Sites Post-harvest

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