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Improving Lumpfish Breeding and Spawning

Funding level:  $199,972

Project start date: 1 May 2022

Project duration:  24 Months

Project Coordinator: Brian Peterson, National Cold Water Marine Aquaculture Center

Participants:  Elizabeth Fairchild, Yonathan Zohar, John Stubblefield, Michael Pietrak, Tim Briggs

Project Summary:

The main objective of the project will be achieved through focused studies to determine the optimal dose of Gonadotropin – Releasing Hormone analogs (GnRHa) to:

1) synchronize the timing of female maturity to temporally condense the spawning period and compare key egg development and larval survival metrics between treated and control populations spawned.

2) synchronize the timing of spermiation to maximize sperm production and allow for non-lethal striping of male gametes;

3) conveying research findings to stakeholders by updating lumpfish husbandry guides and standard operating procedures with feeding strategies information, holding training and stakeholder workshops, working directly with Cooke Aquaculture in ME and

the steelhead trout farm in NH, communicating with the international lumpfish network and the US Lumpfish Consortium, giving presentations at scientific meetings, and publishing extension and NRAC fact sheets, peer-reviewed manuscripts, and project updates.


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