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Nutrition Reports

1997- Allen Place, Center for Marine Biology $73,500
96-2 Development of a Microparticulate Diet for Striped Bass Larvae

1998-H.G. Ketola, Cornell University $141,840
Enhanced Digestibility of Fish Feeds to Reduce Waste Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Solids

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1998- Ronaldo Ferraris, New Jersey Medical School $116,810
Dietary and Hormonal Regulation of Intestinal Phosphate Absorption in Fish

2017-Elizabeth Fairchild, University of New Hampshire $151,925

White Worm, Enchytraeus albidus, Production and Marketing for Live Aquaculture Feed

Fact Sheet 223-2017 How to Grow White Worms

Fact Sheet 224-2017 White Worms-A Low Cost Live Feed for Ornamental Industry

Aquaculture Journal:  Production and Nutritional Composition of White Worms, Enchytraeus albidus fed different low-cost Feeds

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