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Barriers to Entry in the Northeast US Aquaculture Industry



There is a variety of freshwater and marine species produced in aquaculture operations in the Northeastern United States. However, upon research in this project, aquaculture regulations and resources for current and potential aquaculture producers vary greatly among states in the region. The key species, regulations, and resources have been identified for each state in the tables below. In addition, there are barriers to those interested in entering the aquaculture identified in each state. Some states have higher barriers to entry than other states.


Aquaculture information gathered for this project was divided into marine systems and freshwater/land-based culture system. In some states, all aquaculture regulations and resources are combined into a single-resource agency. In others, there may be separate resource agencies responsible for marine and freshwater/land-based culture systems.


This project has attempted to identify individual contact information for those with aquaculture responsibilities in each state. However, please note that employees may no longer be in those positions depending on when the data was collected. 

Please click below to access the full report. You will be asked if you would like to be contacted to complete a future survey about the usefulness of the report.

Project Coordinator:

Matt Parker

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